Advertising Campaign Management

The world of communication is changing. Digital advertising campaigns, publication in our daily newspapers and print magazines, a presence on social media order to be effective and reach your target audience, your advertising campaign must include multiple distribution channels.

To promote, advertise or sell a product or service, a global communication strategy must be put into place. The goal is to achieve the best results and an optimal ROI!

With its expertise and mastery of modern web-based tools, IPM Advertising offers you customized and effective solutions on Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn channels.

Your advertising campaigns can be offered in French, Dutch and English.

Advertising campaign options:

Google AdWords: for the most effective search engine optimization of your communication campaign. You’ll be seen and read by your core target audience.

  • Searches: Your ads will be displayed based on the searches made by Internet users.
  • Display: Your ads will be displayed on websites in the Google display network. This type of campaign will let you to reach a larger audience.
  • Google YouTube: the power of an impactful video.

Facebook: our media strength is put to work in order to make you more visible.

Instagram: images (photo and video) are a powerful means of communication and a guarantee that they will be shared.

LinkedIn: a professional network known for its high quality contacts and effective communication.

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