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Bien être • 13/10/2022

Publication: 13/10/2022
Booking: 29/09/2022

Essentielle Mobilité • 28/10/2022

Publication: 28/10/2022
Booking: 18/10/2022

Essentielle Immo Matériaux Durable • 05/11/2022

Publication: 05/11/2022
Booking: 25/10/2022

Diabète • 14/11/2022

Publication: 14/11/2022
Booking: 27/10/2022

Gourmandiz • 17/11/2022

Publication: 17/11/2022
Booking: 02/11/2022

Entreprises de demain • 02/12/2022

Publication: 02/12/2022
Booking: 16/12/2022

Essentielle Immo Sécurité et Alarme • 03/12/2022

Publication: 03/12/2022
Booking: 23/11/2022

Bruxelles en Fête/Plaisirs d'Hiver • 09/12/2022

Publication: 09/12/2022
Booking: 25/11/2022

Gourmandiz • 14/12/2022

Publication: 14/12/2022
Booking: 30/11/2022

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Ads & Data and IPM Advertising continue to evolve. As part of this progression, we are strengthening our partnership, creating a product alliance that aims to deliver a national ecosystem, combining strong brands with the power of data. We are joining forces by launching our brand new product ‘tboo & more’!

News Power

News Power

NP is a powerful package that, based on a single combined rate, enables the use of the 12 major press brands in Belgium. The NP offer includes packages on all platforms used by the media brands to reach their audience: print, online and mobile.

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