IPM Group, your press & digital media partner in French-speaking Belgium, was founded in 1991. The company is located at Convergence House in Etterbeek, and manages the daily papers La Libre and La DH, DH Radio, and the magazines Paris Match Belgique, Logic-IMMO.be and Courrier International, along with their websites.

Who are we?

IPM Group began as two newspapers over a century old, La Libre Belgique and La DH. Today, both papers are at the cutting edge of technological innovation!

We’re a company that allows those who work here to develop their creativity and their full range of talents. In a democratic system, information is key. Citizens need access to the unvarnished facts so that they can ask the right questions.

IPM Group is not just a business enterprise. It’s a general interest company. That characteristic is part of our core values, and is very important to us. IPM Group has mastered all the essential technology used in the domains of information and marketing, and in the new professions that have sprung from technological transformation. To accomplish this innovation, IPM Group has become a place where the most unexpected projects are brought to life and to fruition by the men and women who make up our company.

IPM Group was founded by the le Hodey family, and is currently directed by François le Hodey, CEO.

IPM Advertising is the sales force of this media-focused company. More than just an advertising department, IPM Advertising is a true media & marketing factory.

Powerful media services

IPM Group (a public multimedia information & production corporation) is one of the two most important players in the media & Internet market in French-speaking Belgium. The company has fully integrated the daily press trades, including printing, print magazines, the Internet, mobile media and radio. Its primary media outlets are:

  • The world of “quality papers” with La Libre Belgique
  • The website LaLibre.be, including smartphone and tablet apps
  • The “sports” world with La Dernière Heure/Les Sports +
  • The website DH.be, including smartphone and tablet apps
  • The Belgian edition of the magazine Paris Match
  • The online magazine Parismatch.be for the latest celebrity news
  • Courrier International, in partnership with the French group Le Monde
  • On the radio, the DH Radio broadcast network (news & pop rock)
  • The website Cinebel.be for film industry news
  • The real estate sales website and print magazines Logic-Immo.be
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