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The Essentielle Auto supplement, which is available for free in La DH Les Sports+ as well as in La Libre, is printed four times a year and, as its name indicates, deals with automobiles. Each supplement is chiefly centered around the "premium" segments of the different categories of the Belgian automobile market. Via static descriptions and dynamic discoveries, all the high-end models of the different manufacturers are detailed as soon as they arrive in dealerships. Original tourist destinations that are easily reachable by car also figure in the table of contents, while reports are dedicated to the more exotic and challenging automobile adventures. Finally, each issue offers a peek at motorized two-wheelers and delivers a portrait of a woman who is active in the higher echelons of the automotive world.

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Key metrics

Some metrics on Essentielle Auto

Readers (print + digital versions)/day (12 years & up)
44% | 56%
% female readers | % male readers
15% (Selectivity 153)
45 yrs & + GS 1-2


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